Why You Should Use Wall Graphics in Your Business

Wall graphics are more than advertising - they are mood setters, space definers, and product enhancers, all using a flexible and durable vinyl sign material applied directly to your wall.

Wall graphics are cost effective, applicable to many different situations and the sky is the limit when it comes to designing.

Today's materials are improving so the graphics are better than ever. New vinyl substrates offer several different options for different applications. There are removable and permanent options, matte and glossy options among many other options.

Wall graphics are environmentally friendly as they use very little materials and eco-friendly inks are available for some options. They are also good at solving problems that lurk on your walls!

See this example of a wall graphic:

This photo was restored by Curiosity Art and Framing from my private collection. It is printed on a removable matte vinyl. This wall is their display wall for their photo restoration services. If you look closely, there was a problem with the wall. Yes, there is a non-functioning vacuum port on that wall! We successfully applied the wall graphic around the port and - viola - problem solved.

As you can see, we used this sepia toned removable wall graphic to display a service provided by the business. It cost around $100 to be printed (design and installation extra). It highlights that this business does photo restoration and fills in the space under their physical models. This is one effective way to use wall graphics.

Other uses for wall graphics are:

1. Moving clients around the store. Your wall graphics can point them to the cashier, fitting rooms, product displays, washrooms, etc. If your store chang