Heat Pressed Vinyl Rocks Your Custom Designs

With all the new techniques in applying logos and designs to wearables, DON'T forget that heat pressed vinyl really rocks in the color and durability factors. There are some limitations to using heat pressed vinyl but a good design can work around them. Your promotional items deserve the best - so consider heat press vinyl for your next wearable.

Heat-pressed vinyl is very versatile. It is easily formed into custom logos that are designed for vector cutting. This means that you can't have gradient printing, but it does mean your logos are sharp, colorful and very recognizable.

Heat-pressed logos can go BIG! We can easily press 14" x 16" and with the proper logo design, we can enlarge that size. If you are doing a smaller number of items, this is the most cost effective way to get a large custom print.

Heat-press vinyl is pressed onto the surface of the item, so the colors stay true and bright. Also, newer vinyls are being developed, so we are able to incorporate metallic, glitter, super glitter, sparkle, flock, reflective, gloss and matte into your designs. When we say your imagination is the limit - we mean it!

Heat transfers don't leave any skin-irritating bits on the inside of your hoodie or t-shirt. Everything is on the outer layer. For people with sensitive skin, this is a great embellishing option.

We specialize in custom orders with low set up fees. Our final products are often more economical than the ones you see for sale on large t-shirt sites. In addition, you will personalized service. You can't beat that!

After the design is developed with heat-press vinyl application in mind, the design is cut and weeded into the chosen vinyl.

The logo is measured and located onto the item and taped into place.

The item is transferred to the heat press where it is pressed onto the item. The carrier sheet is removed and your item is ready for packing.

Custom orders and low volume orders are our specialty. (We don't require a minimum number, however, prices do get lower per item as the order number increases.)

Pricing is quoted and depends primarily on the design time required and the cost of the materials. We can accommodate short turn-around times on some items. Feel free to inquire about any idea that you may have.

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