Free "Countdown to Christmas Elves" Printable

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

I thought it was time to share a little Christmas Cheer with everyone!

Are you ready to countdown the days until Christmas? (and the end of 2020!)

Are your little one's starting to get excited to see Santa? 🎅

Need some inspiration to get in the Christmas mood?

Want something that is more than the traditional Advent Calendar?

Looking for something new for your home school, playschool or classroom?

Colorful Christmas Elves countdown the 24 days until Christmas
Free Christmas Countdown Elves!

Let these cute little countdown elves help you with all that and more. Their happy faces and colorful clothes will brighten everyone's day. They can be used in so many different ways you might have to print out more than one set!

Countdown to Christmas Elves
Download PDF • 12.99MB

(Printed full size on a letter size sheet of paper, each tag is 2.55" by 5.25". You can scale your printing if you need other sizes.)

Colorful Christmas Elves countdown the 24 days to Christmas
Christmas Countdown Elves Free Printable

There are just three easy steps to getting your Countdown to Christmas Elves:

  • Download the PDF File:

Countdown to Christmas Elves
Download PDF • 12.99MB
  • Print your Countdown to Christmas Elves file: I would suggest printing on light cardstock or full sheet label material. If you are having problems with the print quality, consult your print manual - the answer is usually in there!

  • Trim or cut your tags/labels along the white lines. Paper cutters work best but scissors are just fine.

Congratulations! You are the proud owner of your own Countdown to Christmas Elves!

24 tags for a Christmas Countdown
Countdown 24 days to Christmas with these feisty Elves!

That was the easy part - the fun part will be deciding how to use them! Here are some suggestions to get your ideas started:

  1. Print the tags on label paper and you can mark boxes, bags, jars or whatever you put your small gifts in. You can add or subtract them from December 1 onward. (Or if you like, start on December 12 and use 12 days.)

  2. Punch holes in the tops and hang them from a ribbon and turn one each day.

  3. Add magnets to the back and add or subtract them from your fridge door.

  4. Make an activity advent calendar. Write a family activity on the back of each tag and enjoy some planned family time together each day.

  5. Hang them with little clips from fairy lights, string photo hangers, photo ribbon boards, etc.

  6. Print them as stickers. Use a small notebook and encourage your child to create a journal leading up to Christmas.

  7. Schools can use them to develop classroom activities and bulletin boards.

I know you will have some great ideas on how to use this free printable. Please share them with me - I am always looking for new ideas.

The Christmas Elves and I wish all of you a Merry Christmas. Enjoy the season!

**These files are free for personal or school use. If you want to use them in an item you sell or produce for profit, please drop me a message and I will extend the licensing to commercial use.

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