Don't Waste a Good Pandemic!

Like my great-grandmother said in 1918: "Don't waste a good pandemic!" So I took her words to heart, used the extra time the pandemic has graced me with and redesigned my website to better reflect my business.

Welcome to my new site.😊

A re-design has been in the works for a long time but designing a good website takes time. If you are a small business and have tried (successfully or unsuccessfully) to design a website, you will understand the time the process takes.

There are so many moving parts in a website. Your homepage is your new store front. It has to attract clients, invite them in and convince them that you are worthy of their time. Then you have to do all that in a format that Google likes! Oy, oy, oy.

My business is offering support and digital business services to small businesses and organizations in and around central Alberta. (That's a lot of "business" in one sentence!) I can also provide design and printing services across Canada and into the USA. Expressing this into a website was a bit of a task. It required me to really think about what I wanted this business to accomplish.

After much thought I am determined that my primary goal is to help your business succeed. I have completed projects that are as unique as the businesses that have requested them. That's what makes my days so interesting! I love the challenge! And knowing that my efforts have helped your business achieve success is a great feeling.

So stop in take a good look through the website. Let me know if everything is working well on your end. Drop me a message in the chat box! Keep tuned into this blog to find out how Heartland Promotions can support your business.

May you have a fun and successful day!

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