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Photo Storyboards

More than just a picture, it tells the whole story.  Custom designed Photo Storyboards move photos from a single photo that "says a thousand words" into combining photos to tell your whole story.

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Maternity Storyboard

As families grow and change, remember those special moments forever in a Photo Storyboard. 

This couple is celebrating the arrival of their first child (but don't tell the puppy that!)  Their professionally taken photos were designed into a storyboard that reflects their love of life and of each other.  

All Photo Storyboards are custom designed and quoted.  This storyboard is 11'" x 14" with two 5" square insets. The quoted price for this piece is $150.00 CDN. 

Growing Family Storyboard

Yes, the baby arrived safely and brings much joy to the family.  Again, those happy moments were captured by a professional photographer.

Heartland Promotions designed the photos into this beautiful storyboard which brings a smile to the faces of everyone who views it.

Sublimation printed onto glossy aluminum photo panels, this storyboard is 11" x 14" with two 5" insets. The smaller panels are stacked at different heights to add depth and interest to the storyboard. Custom designed and quoted, this storyboard was quoted at $150.00 CDN. 

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Family Gathering Storyboard

Turn your traditional family photos into next level storytelling.


At a glance, it is easy to tell that this family loves the outdoors, enjoys each other and that there are three children in different stages of family life. That's the power of a Photo Storyboard.

Your family photos can be turned into an unique design that tells your story. This Photo Storyboard is 14" x 14" and consists of one 11" x 14" panel and three 4" x 6" insets that are raised above the main panel. This storyboard quoted at $165.00 CDN.

How to Order Your Photo Storyboard

All Photo Storyboards are custom designed and printed.





  • Heartland Promotions will email you information and link to send photos.

  • Professional photos are encouraged.



  • If your photos pass the review process we continue onto the design phase.

  • Quality, size of file, and variety of photos are all assessed.



  • Due to the design time needed to produce your storyboard, a non refundable deposit of $50 is required to proceed with your storyboard.



  • Working with your input, you will be offered some options for your final storyboard/s.

  • The final design will be largely determined by the photos you submit. Each design is unique.



  • When the final design is decided, you will be given a quote for the storyboard.

  • Payment is required before your storyboard is printed and delivered.


  • If possible, do not crop your photos. We can get better designs with more space around the subject/s.

  • At the discretion of Heartland Promotions, a trial color sample may be forwarded to you before final printing.

  • The process may take 2-3 weeks to complete.

Wedding Party Storyboard.png

Wedding Photo Storyboard

Share your wedding story in Photo Storyboard style! Don't let them sit, unused and unseen,  in a file on your computer.


Your professional wedding photos are the perfect starting point. There is usually enough variety in the photos to put together your special story.

This Photo Storyboard is 11" x 14" and consists of one 11" x 14" panel and one 4" x 6" inset (bridesmaids)  that are raised 1/2" above the main panel. The second inset (groomsmen) is 5" x 7" and is raised 1/4" above the main panel. This gives the storyboard lots of interesting features that brings your story to life. This Photo Storyboard is quoted at $150.00

We print single photo panels.

If you love a photo just the way it is, we can sublimate it on the photo panels for you. Currently, we can print up to a 11" X 14" panel.  For single photos, there are some additional options in substrates such as matte finishes, MDF boards, natural wood, etc.

For Glossy Photo Panels (standard substrate) with easel or hanging hardware, pricing is: 

  • 11" x 14" - $89.00

  • 8" x 10" - $59.00

  • 5" x 7", 5" x 5", 4" x4" - $25.00

  • Shipping/delivery extra. 

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Professional Photographers

If you are a professional photographer in central Alberta, we would love to work with you to provide Photo Storyboards and sublimation photo printing to you and your customers.

Get in touch and we can talk about how we can work together.


Are Photo Storyboards durable?

Yes. But we don't recommend dropping them!


The Photo Storyboards are sublimated onto glossy aluminum photo panels. They are sturdy, scratch resistant and can be easily cleaned.


The inset panels are glued onto the main photo panel. If dropped, there is a chance of them coming off. The good news is that the panels are unlikely to be damaged so it can be repaired.

Where are you located?

Near Nevis

In Stettler County

In central Alberta

That's in Canada, eh!

We will arrange delivery of the Photo Storyboards during the design process. All costs associated with delivery are the responsibility of the customer.

Do I need a frame?

No. The Photo Storyboards are very sturdy. You can order your Photo Storyboard with an easel so it stands, or with hanging hardware so it can be hung on a wall.

We don't recommend framing the Photo Storyboards. They are designed to stand out on their own.


However, if you order a plain photo panel, you can easily have it framed.

How are Photo Storyboards printed?

Photo Storyboards use a process known as sublimation printing.

  • Sublimation requires a specialized printer that uses sublimation inks to print out the photo.

  • The printed sheet is heat applied to a specially coated aluminum photo panel. 

  • The inks in the photo are infused into the coating so it is permanent and durable.

  • Sublimated photos have wonderful depth to them!

Why do you need a deposit to start the design process?

We use a deposit for the following reasons:

  • After we review your photos, we will let you know if they will work in a Photo Storyboard.

  • To continue past this point requires considerable time on our part. The deposit helps cover the time we will invest in your design.

  • If you decide on a design, the deposit is credited toward the final price.

  • If we can't decide on a design or other option, you will forfeit your deposit.

Why are some photos rejected in the review?

The main reasons your photos are rejected in the review process are:

  • Photo size is too small to print properly.

  • Photos are too closely cropped to the subject to give us room to design a Photo Storyboard.

  • Photos are not good enough quality (out of focus, too dark, too light, sunlight streaks, etc.)

  • Your photos just don't work in a Photo Storyboard. It could be there isn't enough photos to choose from, the light in the photos vary too much, etc.

Rurally located near Nevis, in Stettler County, in central Alberta. That's in Canada, eh!

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